Basic Splices


    • Strip approximately ½” of insulation off of each wire.
    • Slip shrink tubing over one wire.
    • Crimp butt connector on both wires.
    • Center the tubing over the splice.
    • Heat tubing beginning at the center and working toward one end while keeping the heat source moving. Then shrink the other end from the center out. Do not overheat. An electric heat gun or small propane torch may be used.
    • When the tubing shrinks to shape and sealant flows from the ends, splice is complete.
    • To avoid a large bundle, stagger the splices.

Splices with Outer Sleeve

  • For splice kits with an outer sleeve, slide the large sleeve over the wires before connecting.
  • Stagger the connections and complete as instructed above.
  • Allow the inner splices to cool.
  • Center the outer sleeve over the completed splices and heat from the center out.

Step Down Kits

  • Splice kits with extreme differences in wire size require an additional sleeve shrunk on to the smaller wire in order for the larger sleeve to fit tightly. Refer to the instructions included with the step-down kit for your particular application.


  • To prevent air bubbles be sure to heat from the center out.
  • Tubing will begin to shrink at 140 degrees F. Keep your heat source moving. If tubing seems to be scorching or getting too hot, increase the distance from the heat source.
  • To prevent the splice from slipping, hold the splice level until it begins to cool.